Thor, a Popular and Interesting Slot Game in Casinos

thor games

The Thor slot gaming machine is yet another exciting online game that can earn you big bucks. You can play thorslots online to gather a fantastic gaming experience. The theme of the game is based on mythological characters that enable the developers to create lots of artistic elements and symbols to make it more fascinating for the player. Click here on the link given and draw yourself a better winning amount from the gaming club

The slot machines generally contain a currency detector that authenticates the money inserted by the player before the game. The lever or button then activates the, and it pays off the money according to the symbols displayed on the reels after the rotation. The chief objective of the player playing the game is to win money from the slot machine when similar symbols hit the coil after the spinning wheel stops. The symbols and characters are bright in color that enables easy recognition without any confusion of mismatch.

The Thor-themed slot game is a brilliant theme that brings the excitement in the player. It is mainly based on the blockbuster movie series of Thor namely Thor- the Dark World. The main characters of the movie are present as prizes. They also appear in several bonus rounds. You can win 150 coins if the reel has a combination of Sif and The Warrior 3 in the slot adventure game. The Gatekeeper and Heimdall can earn you a hand full of 250 coins. The game also features Loki, who can get you 500 coins, while Thor’s father can bring 1000 coins and Thor himself can win you 5000 coins.

The different levels in the Thor slot game
The bonus level can turn out to be very beneficial if the reel show three or more scatter symbols after the spin because that will allow you ten random free spins. On the other hand, the Thor-themed game is interconnected with Cryptologic’s Marvel Hero jackpot in which the player gets a chance to win three prizes in a row- the Hero Jackpot, the Super Hero Jackpot, and the Marvel Hero Jackpot.

The rainbow bridge is one of the most amazing features that appear when Heimdall covers the third reel. There are other exciting elements too, but none is more entertaining as the above-mentioned one. In this situation, the player is automatically taken to the rainbow bridge as a free bonus level, where he can choose either of the two places – the Earth or the land of the frozen giants.

The rainbow bridge is not the end of the adventure there are a lot of other portions of the game that can continue the thrill. In a condition where Thor is in the second reel, you will be awarded a thunder spin in which the Thor will turn wild and giant. In the meantime when Thor comes in the fourth reel, you win a lightning free spin where two to five wilds cover the random reel spot. The four marvel jackpots introduced to fill the pots quicker comprises of the superpower, ultimate power, power jackpots, and extra power are connected to various interesting comic slots.

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